Max Randor talks about the environment.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I would suggest that all new houses and those having extensions requiring planning permission should be required to produce 50% of their energy from renewable sources and that a tax based a percentage of the council tax should be levied to pay for subsidies with the tax being removed if the house had more than 50% of its energy produced from Renewables - if the percentage increased per anum then everybody would suddenly consider micro-generation through Renewables a very attractive option. Of course this idea needs work before it could become a policy but I think it is a good idea. - but then that is me
We will be installing a wind turbine on our new house which is in a windy location but most people would probably find this difficult, subsidies and simplified planning permission and the cancelling of all measures that prevent this would go a long way to making micro-generation easier.


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