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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Global Warming

Global Warming is most definitely happening. It is definitely caused by increased levels of CO2 in the atmosphere. This is scientifically proven based on experiments carried out in laboratories since before 1900 on the properties of carbon dioxide - it reflects infra red radiation. If you do not understand this then the Guardian has an interactive guide. If you tell me that it is down to a natural cycle and that the Romans grew grapes in Northumberland then I tell you that they still grow grapes near Leeds and that there is enough scientific evidence to convince anyone who is not denying to support their own short term interests, several times over.
You might say there is no empirical evidence and I will tell you that 2005 was the warmest year on record (NASA) and that when CO2 levels are as high as they were last in the Eocene Epoch - which turned the oceans acidic for 10,000 years - it will be much to late for you to worry.
If like some people I know you don't think the future matters to you because you will have enough money to survive it and will die before the worst of it. I will probably almost live to the year 2100 by which time a sea level rise of 1m is probable I care. 1m sea level rise would devastate the world economy - the effects of global warming on the economy would be catastrophic.
The only solution is to prevent it from happening. Most options have been mentioned already but to that list I would add ground heat pump technology which is very promising and making hydrogen from algae in the desert which is currently in the pipeline.
I would say that Tony Blair is a hypocritical fool - he calls himself a Christian and then goes against basic principles in the Bible. He should be trying much harder on domestic policy if he is to be a steward of the earth and how can he say anything to anyone else given his own record - remove the log from your own eye before trying to remove another from someone else.
The fight against Global Warming is the biggest civil war ever fought because everyone has to fight themselves - against the greed and selfishness within them. Failure is not an option that we can accept losing the war on global warming would be worse than losing WWII even Hitler did not expect the Third Reich to last 10,000 years or to have the possibility of turning the earth into another Venus style planet.
Thousands of people are dying every year from global warming already and it will only get worse.
Max Randor


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