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Friday, April 21, 2006

I like hydrogen fuel cells

'A hydrogen fuel cell that uses enzymes instead of expensive metal catalysts to drive chemical reactions has been developed by UK researchers.'
This means that the hydrogen fuel cells can be smaller, cheaper and more efficient. Which is great since hydrogen could very easily be the fuel of the future for cars.
however remember 'But Allen notes that energy is still needed to produce the hydrogen required. "We must remember that fuel cells are energy stores not energy generators," he says. "Unless we develop renewable energy-generating capacity in the first place, there will still be a net energy shortfall in the future."'
We need remewable energy production - remember - Wind Turbines are Beautiful - and don't kill birds - birds having two eyes and being adept at avoiding moving things - like other birds - so unless you give them a SatNav system they won't fly into 'huge white birds with 3 wings' I mean you would have to be bird brained to do that. Oh and don't forget solar - the sun is the provider of all 'renewable' energy - so cut out the middle man and go straight for the sun.


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